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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gold Motel concert review- House of Blues, San Diego.

Greta Morgan has a good thing going. The former singer of The Hush Sound has put together her new band Gold Motel, and I am just going to say thumbs up. Last night, I had an oppurtunity to see them play at the House Of Blues in San Diego for the first time and was very impressed by this band out of Chicago.

When I first arrived at the venue, I felt I walked into an art project when I looked at the stage. Above the stage had several pillows hanging and from there, a lightning bolt and blue lightbulbs dangled from the pillow clouds. On stage additionally was an umbrella, and what gave me one of the most unique stage setups I have ever seen.

I was very impressed by Gold Motel. The band played hits off their debut record Summer House, including the title track. With their half hour set, the only thing I was able to really compare the sound of them was Beach Boys mixed with Colbie Caillat sprinkled with a dash of the 60's. These indie rockers really brought me in with their sound, attire, to they they playing style on stage. They could have fooled me if they told me they were a band from 40 years ago.

Overall, a fun and unique experience I recommend trying out.

-Bret Price, KCR Radio

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